Should you be taking advantage of addressable TV?

Date posted: 29 Nov 2019

Posted by: Smithfield

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Addressable TV is creating new advertising capabilities and opportunities for brands.

But what is addressable TV?

Addressable TV advertising allows you to target TV at a household level to show different ads to different homes while they are watching the same programme.  This makes it “addressable” as you are able to address a very specific audience, thereby minimising wastage.

TV is traditionally considered to be a broadcast channel (you broadcast your message to many people at the same time), so this change allows you to be highly targeted to your audience. This is the same way we see personalisation in digital: if data shows that I am in the market for buying a new car, then I will begin to get ads from auto manufacturers and/or dealers.  Addressable TV can do the same level of targeting.

The impact for brands, according to Sky (taken from analysis from 52,000 ad breaks) Addressable TV cuts channel switching by 48% and boosts ad recall by 49%.  When combined with linear TV, brand awareness increased by almost 22%. The research also found that viewers’ attentiveness to the screen can be as much as a third higher (35%) and on average they were 21% more engaged in the content.  Purchase intent was also up against linear (7%) and even more for new-to-TV brands at 20%.

If you are new to TV or a regular TV advertiser we can help you take advantage of Addressable TV.  We can develop plans to target hard to reach target audiences and even the most niche audiences that in the past TV would have struggled to reach effectively.

To help you make this decision, we have created an offer, which we think will help you take advantage of TV. We are offering to produce your creative for free (or if you are a regular TV user provide a free audit of both your TV placement and your creative). Click here to find out more.

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