Key SEO Trends for 2020

Date posted: 13 Feb 2020

Posted by: Andy Kinsey

Post category: Insights

Whether your website is new, or whether you are maintaining a site, SEO should always be a key consideration in your marketing approach.

We look ahead at three key SEO trends that advertisers need to consider, to stay on top of the ever-changing algorithms of Google.

 1) Featured Snippets Dominate SERPs

Google is moving to a ranking page which is dominated by instant / image led/ video led answers to direct users to make the consumers life easier. This fits with the way people have changed their search habits, to be more conversational/ question led. This means there are less “blue links” on the first page of search and more quick answers being delivered.

You need to act on how to make this advanced search feature work for your website. It will help keep you relevant to your consumers, but most importantly be found online and offline.

2) Quality of Content is Vital

Google wants you to be an expert and an authority in your industry. If your content doesn’t deliver this at the level your customers / users expect, you are unlikely to rank well. The more your natural audience display trust in your onsite content by consuming over longer time (measured by dwell time) and sharing it (through social) the more your SEO ranking improves.

To do this well takes a strategic approach which is aligned with your core business. This is where your SEO specialists come into play. They are able to advise and build content that is relevant, shows authority and will keep you ranking well.

3) Technical SEO to Impact Ranking

It is clear over the years Google has been comparatively forgiving with technical issues. Using multiple parsers (a program that breaks multiple data components down to build understanding of all the multiple data inputs) to understand the key content only on sites. However, recently a senior Google team member (Martin Splitt) made clear Google are going to penalise websites on technical standards. This is seen as a nod towards technical SEO holding more weight as a ranking factor in the future. Google regularly speaks about technical issues in their webmaster hours, and this has become more common.

These are three of the key trends that will be occurring in SEO in 2020. To be able to stay relevant, to your users and to Google, takes long-term focus, to ensure your SEO foundations are strong. This is where we can help ensuring that your brand and website is fit for the future that Google is building.

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