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Date posted: 26 Feb 2019

Posted by: Smithfield

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By Garett Farrell, Planning Director, Smithfield

Every business has a mantra by which they operate.
At Smithfield ours is ‘Planning for Performance’. Whilst, it may look like a catchy piece of alliteration designed to adorn our Powerpoint decks with a raison d’etre, it is more than this. It is the core principles upon which our agency was founded and built.

If media planning is a dying art form, Smithfield is the cure. Our planning approach has proven so effective, we have doubled in size in less than a year, and more and more clients are turning to us to help improve their business performance.

What is Planning for Performance?

In short, it is the understanding of every factor that can affect your business leading to a media strategy that uses this insight to deliver better performance.

Each one of our staff members here is trained in the art of media planning, so before we even begin to look at budget allocation or media channels, we already have a firm understanding of your product, market, the competition and target audience.

Without these foundations in place, media plans often default to the cheapest channels – but would you not pay 10% more for a more effective channel that delivers 20% better results. It may seem glaringly obvious, but without doing the research, an insight like this can easily be overlooked.

The proof is in the pudding – using these principles we improved performance for a travel client of ours by 70%, and delivered an ROI of £13 for every £1 spent for an entertainment and leisure client (both case studies available upon request)

This begs the question if it is so effective, why isn’t everyone doing it? A recent article in Campaign (Feb 2019), ‘Media Planning is up for Grabs’ focuses on this issue. The media landscape has become so fragmented and complex that agencies are focused more on internal coordination instead of strategy, planning and ideas. The article also points to advertisers squeezing agency margins which has resulted in agencies using easily scalable products and services, usually digitally automated ones – thereby commoditizing a service that was never designed to be commoditized.

At Smithfield every single one of our clients, regardless of budget, has had our planning approach applied to their business, and as an independent agency not constrained by supplier deals, our media planning is always neutral and designed to deliver best performance for your business, never incentivised by financial kickbacks from media suppliers.

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