Opportunities Voice can bring to your brand

Date posted: 15 Sep 2018

Posted by: Smithfield

Post category: Blog

Andy Kinsey Head of SEO.

Today 40% of adults make at least one voice search per day on their smartphone, and with ComScore predicting by 2020 over 50% of searches will be by voice, the trend is clear… but it isn’t just about mobile.

Microsoft’s latest stats for Cortana show that it has 133 million monthly users, and 25% of these are on Desktop – that’s right, voice search on desktop. To add to this, 52% of voice activated speakers are in the living room with a further 22% in the kitchen according to Google, it’s clear these items are part of people’s daily lives.

Voice Search is more than just your average search, it is different from types search, it offers a clear user intent and more opportunities than ever for brands and businesses to increase revenue. It is now important to start considering how it will become part of your content strategy and how you can maintain the customer experience that is central to your business.

If you would like to find out more, let us get a meeting in to discuss how voice will become an important factor in your media mix, then give Patrick Woods a call on 0207 257 2600.

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