Powering Change in Findmypast


After a 2-year period of refocusing their resource into developing their product and platform, Findmypast were ready to drive significant growth in their revenues, and expand out of digital-only acquisition channels.
With a modest initial investment, FMP challenged us to create a step-change in their existing revenues.


  • The medium that offers both audience scaling opportunities and also cost-efficient responses is… TV.
  • We identified a way to harness both of these effects to drive change.
  • Both expert genealogists and casual hobbyists were introduced to FMP as a serious player in the category.


All KPI metrics were exceeded, with the first 3 months showing a clear step-change in acquisition and online sessions.


free trialists


conversion to subscription


Tree Start sessions

“There is no doubt that TV is a powerful medium, and the way that Smithfield planned and negotiated this for us has had a monumental effect on our business. We look forward to many profitable years together.”

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