Time is running out to test TV

Date posted: 28 May 2020

Posted by: Andy Kinsey

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A few days ago Boris announced that in the coming days, retailers can open their stores again, and the British public can start to have BBQs and garden parties. This means we are starting to pull out of lockdown – news that will be met by most people as a cause of celebration – the initial sheen of video call quizzes and staying in your PJs all day is beginning to wear thin!

This also means that the TV market will start to return to normal in the coming weeks. Professional daytime audiences will start to diminish as workers go back to the office, advertiser demand will return, and prices will go back to where we expect them to be – at least in the short term. This is great news if you own a TV sales-house, but perhaps not so great if you are an advertiser. Advertisers have had a once-in-a -lifetime chance in the last few months, and the remaining weeks of the lockdown to test being on TV. It’s as cheap as it will ever be. Some TV sales houses (the smarter ones) are even doing revenue share deals, whereby the advertiser pays no money up front for airtime, but agrees to share a percentage of their profits as they come in (the percentage agreed by both parties at a level they are both comfortable with).

At Smithfield, we’ve managed to get 6 new advertisers on TV in this period – advertisers who have never been on TV before but want to test the power of the medium. Some of these advertisers are household names, and the results they’ve had have been fantastic in terms of return on investment. Don’t be put off by the thought of extortionate creative costs either; most of their TV ads have been made for less than £15k.

So what are you waiting for….just give me a call today, Garett on 07539 729 732 and I’ll talk to you about how you can get on TV quickly.

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