A media agency that thinks big to deliver more

When you want your business or brand to achieve more, grow more and mean more, then Smithfield is the agency for you.

We’re fully independent, totally committed and 100% client-focused. Our goal is to help every business we work with grow and succeed, and we work hard to make that happen. Through close collaboration with you and your team, we can deliver a service that gives your business the edge.

Media Planning

Our media plans begin with getting to know you, and making your business our business. By combining data-driven research and insightful thinking, we create campaigns you can be confident will deliver real results.

The Beginning of a Plan
We start by understanding the business challenge, identifying the target audience and developing a relevant strategy and brief. We then decide on the most effective approach and media mix.

Media Buying

Smithfield planners buy media too, making our planning agile and in-tune with the current market. We also work independently of agency deals, meaning we have the freedom to choose the right media for you, every time.

The Next Stage of a Plan
Having decided the best route to market, we can deploy a media campaign which is tactical, KPI driven, cost effective, and utilises an optimised channel mix of relevant media.

Digital Media

Digital media is growing rapidly and already accounts for 50% of our media billings. Our proficiency in planning and buying across all digital channels allows us to personalise the impersonal, and cultivate the digital media approach your business needs to really stand out and make a powerful impression.

Our close-knit team is equipped to track and measure the performance of your digital campaign, with all results confirmed by 3rd party ad server and verification tools.

Production & Creative

Media plans work best when the strategy and its creative expression are conceived and developed together. So we’re happy to work with your creative agency if you have one, or put you in touch with one of our trusted partners if you don’t.


MORE is more than just our mission…

it is how we deliver for your business.
M easure
O ptimise
R eport
E valuate
Our expertise in brand and response advertising enables us to create impactful campaigns that can add real value to your business. We deliver volume and cost efficiencies throughout the planning cycle, and measure and evaluate from the word go. We optimise media and evolve the channel mix through each iteration, providing valuable insight for future investment.

Our MORE approach is proven to work and is delivered through our core services:


We are a culture of creative curiosity…

Since we launched in 2011, we’ve grown steadily and evolved with the right combination of senior staff and homegrown talent. This experience allows us to put big thinking into big campaigns every time.

We are inquisitive and enjoy diving into our clients’ worlds. We thrive on working across different sectors, different verticals, and with a variety of clients; all with differing objectives. More importantly, we are a professional bunch, but fun people too.


Adam Shoefield Founder

Adam Shoefield


Adam lends his experience and expertise to ensuring our media planning and buying have a strong commercial focus on delivery and effectiveness. Adam also manages to balance the love of a good lunch with cross training and going to the gym.

Sarah Coften Digital Director

Sarah Coften

Digital Director

Sarah navigates the complexities of the digital media and marketing world, and provides clients with the best strategies to align with their business goals. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys good company, travel, cocktails and Scottish seafood.

Tim Samuel Business Director

Tim Samuel

Business Director

Tim helps clients to make the most out of their media, focussing mainly on DR or Performance strategies. If he’s not ‘strategizing’ over lunch, he may well be indulging in his other passions of rugby, beer and Cornish pasties.

Katie Hodgkinson-Morgan Senior Media Manager

Katie Hodgkinson-Morgan

Senior Media Manager

Katie helps clients understand their audiences better and find the best ways to reach them. When not indulging in her passion for statistics and infographics, Katie finds inspiration in peanut butter, red wine and French bulldogs – but not particularly in that order.

David Cecil Head of Broadcast

David Cecil

Head of Broadcast

Expert advertising and media consultant, focusing particularly on the role of TV and how it can best deliver a client’s message to market, creatively and financially. Bit of an all-round media guru is David.

Kate Brinkley Digital Account Director

Kate Brinkley

Digital Account Director

Kate helps clients understand and make the most of digital media to support them in achieving their business goals. Outside of work, Kate is a keen and competitive sportsperson, with an aversion for mayonnaise.

Charlotte Oliver Digital Media Executive

Charlotte Oliver

Digital Media Executive

Charlee navigates clients through their digital media campaigns, from the initial planning stages through to their successful deployment and analysis. Charlee can always be relied on to plot the next big Smithfield social.

Garett Farrell Business Director

Garett Farrell

Business Director

Garett helps clients identify prospective customers, so they can deliver sales through the most cost-efficient channels and deliver a positive ROI. He’s also rather passionate about rugby, especially if Ireland is playing.

Stuart Hackett Head of PPC

Stuart Hackett

Head of PPC

Stuart’s experience and many talents have led him to focus on Performance Advertising, and in particular Paid Search and the surrounding areas of video, display, mobile, big data analysis and automated reporting. Between the school run and data analysis Stu likes to throw in the odd marathon for good measure.

Patrick Woods Business Development Director

Patrick Woods

Business Development Director

Paddy helps clients navigate their way into Smithfield so that they can get the most out of their marketing. Paddy has a love of water, and can either be found paddle boarding or trying to teach his children to.


Eliot Lowe Group Account Director

Eliot Lowe

Group Account Director

Eliot is responsible for ensuring clients plan and buy media campaigns that meet their needs and address their business problems. He’s also a passionate sports fan and family man, though not always at the same time.

Andy Kinsey Head of Search

Andy Kinsey

Head of Search

Responsible for everything SEO Andy designs, develops and deploys Search campaigns for clients, helping them to flourish no matter what industry they are in. Andy has a passion for politics and coffee, he's also a tech geek.


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