Targeting Families for Hollywood Bowl Group


Families with children aged 5-17 are Hollywood Bowl, and its mini golf brand Puttstars, primary target audience. Their goal is to reach this audience at the right time, with the right message and at the optimal level of frequency.
The challenge is to target this audience segment effectively to avoid creative wear out and audience overlap with other customer segments.


  • Smart use of 1st party and 3rd party data helped us reach families effectively across our Media mix.
  • 1st party data: using CRM data to target Family audience across Meta and Programmatic Display and drive repeat purchase.
  • 3rd party data: Working closely with our Programmatic partners we were able to utilise 3rd party data sources to curate prospecting family segments available in the market. programmatic display allowed us to curate family segments available in the market. Their probabilistic algorithm can target families in real time and at point of purchase, driving effective ROI.
  • Utilising a combination of static and video creatives and tailored messaging to leverage demand during peak seasons.


The family audience continues to grow year on year, with Hollywood Bowl performing well above the industry average.


of total paid media revenue from families


YOY growth

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