Improving Paid Search Performance across 4 Markets for Allurion


Allurion, an innovative gastric balloon provider, had seen success with paid search ads before seeing significant decline throughout 2021 across their 4 key markets – UK, France, Spain and Italy.
Smithfield took over all accounts in November 2021 with the goal of bringing CPLs back to previous levels, whilst scaling spend to meet business lead volume goals.


  • Smithfield implemented new campaign structures across all accounts, segmenting keywords by brand/generic and by match type to maximise efficiency and reduce wastage.
  • More accurate conversion tracking was implemented and manual bidding was utilised initially to control CPCs.
  • After accumulating enough conversion data, we implemented automated bidding.


Within the first 5 months after taking over the accounts, CPLs for all accounts had either reached or improved on previous levels, while spends had increased by over 100% in all accounts, dramatically increasing lead volumes.


monthly leads in France




CPL in Spain

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