Driving Racegoers Back to Royal Ascot


Royal Ascot 2022 was back to full capacity following Covid – and the ambition was to make it the best ever.
Key objectives of the media strategy were to increase attendance, especially from racegoers new to Ascot, and increase ROI.


  • Data revealed two key customer segments: ‘early birds’ and ‘late buyers’.
  • Our phased approach up-weighted during peak ticket demand and fell during quieter periods, minimising wastage.
  • A soft launch targeted ‘early birds’ with an omni-channel digital presence – search, social, display – plus radio and video.
  • The full campaign targeted both segments with TV, cinema and OOH from mid-March to mid-May, when the focus shifted to the late buyers.
  • As the creative approach centred on ‘Drama’, we chose media channels with the most dramatic impact – cinema and large-format OOH.


All targets were exceeded: the highest number of racegoers to Ascot since 2018 and a campaign ROI of £7.33 for every £1 spent. New-to-Ascot racegoers, critical to long term growth, were significantly up on previous years. These thoroughbred results have enabled the Marketing team to secure more budget for 2023.


paid social performance


revenue from paid search


paid search ROI

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